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At this moment we have in the database 66 Bruce’s Films. See full list here at his Wiki

Film: He Was: Date:
Saving Emily Gregory 2004
They Are Among Us Hugh 2004
Snakehead Terror Sheriff Patrick James 2004
Brilliant Dr.Dietrich 2004
Tron 2.0 Alan Bradley 2003
Killer Flood Mr. Walker 2003
Gods and Generals Lt. Gen. James Longstreet 2003
Silence Agent Preston 2002
Hope Ranch J.T. Hope 2002
Contagion President Howard 2001
Life in the Balance Eric Johnson 2001
Perfect Nanny, The Dr. Robert Lewis 2000
Perilous Judd 2000
Free Fall Mark Ettinger 1999
Babylon 5: A Call to Arms John D. J. Sheridan 1999
Babylon 5: In the Beginning John D. J. Sheridan 1998
Babylon 5: Thirdspace Capt. John J. Sheridan 1998
Me and My Hormones 1996
Zoya Clayton Andrews 1995
Babylon 5 John J. Sheridan 1994
Maharaja’s Daughter, The Patrick O’Riley 1994
Gambler V: Playing for Keeps Billy Montana 1994
Wyatt Earp Sam 1994
Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice Davis Healy 1994
House of Secrets Dr. Frank Ravinel 1993
Flight from Justice Michael Shafer 1993
Double Jeopardy Jack Hart 1992
Perfect Family Allan Bodine 1992
Secret, The Patrick Dunmore 1992
Babe, The Jumpin’ Joe Dugan 1992
Kuffs Brad Kuffs 1992
Diplomatic Immunity Cole Hickel 1991
Murderous Vision Detective Kyle Robeshaw 1991
Breakaway Joey 1990
Till We Meet Again Jock Hampton 1989
Road Raiders, The Charlie 1989
From the Dead of Night Peter Langford 1989
Town Bully, The Robert Doniger 1988
Red River Matthew Garth 1988
Gambler, The Billy Montana 1987
Angel in Green Captain William Wicker 1987
Louis L’Amour’s Down the Long Hills Scott Collins 1986
Passion Flower Larry Janson 1986
Scarecrow and Mrs. King Lee Stetson 1983
Gambler, The Billy Montana 1983
Scarecrow and Mrs. King Lee Stetson 1983
I Married Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp 1983
Bring ‘Em Back Alive Frank Buck 1982
Bare Essence Chase Marshall 1982
Tron Alan Bradley/Tron 1982
East of Eden Charles Trask 1981
Fly Away Home 1981
Gambler, The Billy Montana 1980
Baltimore Bullet, The Billie Joe Robbins 1980
Wild Times Vern Tyree 1980
Last Convertible, The George Virdon 1979
How the West Was Won Luke Macahan 1979
How the West Was Won Luke Macahan 1978
Happily Ever After Jack 1978
Murder at the World Series Cisco 1977
How the West Was Won Luke Macahan 1977
Kiss Me, Kill Me Douglas Lane 1976
Macahans, The Seth 1976
Six-Pack Annie Bobby Joe 1975
Cry for Help, A Richie Danko 1975
Chadwick Family, The Danny 1974

Bruce Boxleitner Biography

Bruce William Boxleitner Biography

born May 12, 1951

Is an American star, and sci-fi and thriller author. He is understood for his leading roles in the television series How the West Was Won, Bring ‘Em Back Alive, Scarecrow and Mrs. King staring with Kate Jackson and Beverly Garland, and Babylon 5 and played as John Sheridan in seasons 2– 5, 1994– 1998. He is likewise understood for his dual role as the characters Alan Bradley and Tron in the 1982 Walt Disney Photo movie Tron, a function which he repeated in the 2010 follow up, Tron: Legacy and the animated series Tron: Uprising.

Boxleitner was born in Elgin, Illinois, the child of a certified public accountant. He attended Prospect High School in Mount Prospect, Illinois, and the Goodman Theater School of Drama of the Art Institute of Chicago


A native mid-westerner, Boxleitner received his formal training on stage. Bruce relocated to Los Angeles in 1972 and quickly landed a guest spot on an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. This earned him his Screen Actors Guild card and he promptly embarked on a series of screen tests and auditions. One of Hollywood’s most popular romantic leading men, Bruce Boxleitner is know to many fans for his role as James Arness’ nephew Luke in the TV movie The “Macahan’s” which evolved into the ambitious series of 24 two-hour films under the title, “How the West was Won” TV movies between 1976 and 1980. He later appeared in two more TV movies: Red River and Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice. In 1980 he co-starred with Sam Elliott in Wild Times and the first Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” TV movie. Three Gambler sequels followed. In 1983, he was cast as Wyatt Earp in the TV movie “I Married Wyatt Earp”. He also appeared in the 1994 movie Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone. Bruce married actress and current SAG President Melissa Gilbert. They have four sons and reside in Los Angeles, California.


eye color – greyish hazel
hair – light brown with a bit of grey
weight – 195 lbs.
height – 6’3″
parents – Diane and Cliff Boxleitner
siblings – Terri, Sandi, Nancy
place of birth – Elgin Illinois
date of birth – May 12, 1950

favourite things:
Drink? – A good chardonnay
Food? – Anything my wife cooks
Animal? – horse
Vacation? – Hawaii
Film? – too many to list
Book? – Same as films
TV Show? – any kind of news
To do in spare time? – ride my horse, hang out with my family, read
Hobbies? – none
Likes and Dislikes? – too difficult to pin down
Politics? – moderate
Sports? – I like to play sports more than watch them
Actors? – WWWAAAYYY too many to name